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The Wole Soyinka Society was founded in London on 10 March 2004.  The Society’s objects (‘the Objects”) are to promote the study and the teaching of the works of the 1986 winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature through the:

  • BiennialConferences, which may be held on rotational basis amongst the continents
  • Publications of journals like theSoyinka Journal (ISSN: 1742-3384), which is an academic publication on the Nobel Laureate’s works
  • Summer Workshops, which is a community engagement activity to promote the understanding of the components of Soyinka theatre
  • Soyinka Theatre Season, which is a community engagement activity promoting the performance of Soyinka plays in different societies across the globe
  • Any other community engagement programs approved by the society in furtherance of the edification and unification of humanity.

For more information, contact: admin@wolesoyinkasociety.org

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